Digital Marketing & Brand Awareness

Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness

With both potential customers and competitors constantly online, digital marketing is the most effective way to stay ahead and keep growing. It’s also key to building your brand.

In order to create a successful brand or business, however, you need to be able to put yourself in your clients’ shoes. And we understand that as a business owner, this is often difficult because you have an emotional connection to your product or service.

That’s the Peirson Consulting advantage. Using intensive market research and vast experience in customer behavior we are able to give you an objective, unique glance at your product through the eyes of your potential customers, and then build a smart strategy to attract and retain them.

We utilize our intricate knowledge of the digital landscape and SEO expertise, combined with your specific product and relevant audience, to build up your brand and produce tangible financial results.

We’ll work with you on:


Facebook Targeted Ad Campaigns


Website Review & Overhaul


Marketing Collateral Creation


Social Media Campaigns


Brand Awareness Strategy Creation

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