Meet The Team

At Peirson Consulting, experience counts, and so does the personal touch.
That’s why we’ve built an incredible team from some of the best people we’ve worked with over the years.

Simon Peirson – Co-Founder & CEO

Born and bred in South Africa, I was always a multi-disciplinary kind of guy. Luckily, when I moved to London after getting my degree, I got to combine two of my big loves, landing a job in marketing and business development for one of the UK’s largest music distribution outlets, where I formed partnerships with record labels from all over the world.

Upon moving to Israel in 2005, I directed my knowledge of international business relations to the world of hi-tech, and have never looked back!

After working for several local companies, and helping them gain a foothold abroad (Celebros, Treepodia, Barilliance, ARX/Cosign), and meeting my ultimate partner in life and business – my wife Elizabeth – I decided to start my own gig, Peirson Consulting.

Together with my hand-picked team (all people I’ve worked with in the past), I’m excited to share my passion for building, selling and developing the many exciting innovations the Start-Up Nation has to offer.

When I’m not scouring the world for new business opportunities for my clients, I can be found in my studio producing music, running, cycling, watching Rugby & MMA or simply enjoying life with my wife and kids.

Elizabeth Peirson – Co-Founder & COO

As an experienced procurement manager with an extremely creative mind, I pride myself on my ability to analyze and lead projects in a way that benefits all parties involved.

In the past, I spent many years working for large Israeli infrastructure and construction companies in managerial roles, including industry giants Olizki Infrastructures and Sela Concrete Product Marketing.

Today, in addition to my position at Peirson Consulting,  I coach children and youth to achieve personal success both in school and in private life through the Smile Center. I also conduct private training sessions for adults.

As the Co-Founder and COO for Peirson Consulting, I’m committed to driving strong results while transforming my clients’ business operations using a holistic approach that combines accurate business targeting with personal growth. All done with a big smile of course!

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, dancing, traveling the world (with the guy above), and spending time with three little humans I’m proud to call my kids.

Hila Abrahamov-Matsa – Project Manager

Both in my professional and personal life, I’m passionate about sharing knowledge and coaching towards goals and achievements.Guided by extensive business and technical expertise, I have a proven delivery record, successfully leading development and project management teams in top corporate telecom organizations over the past 15 years. My areas of expertise include:

  • OSS and CRM applications
  • Product definition for enterprise / consumer technologies
  • Execution capabilities, leading from ideation to deployment
  • Leading program management at the portfolio level
  • Building, mentoring, and leading multi-site projects in large enterprises
  • Fostering a creative work approach to setting business objectives
    and problem solving

All of this (and more!)  is done with motivation, an eye on the details as much as the big picture, passion, a talent for connecting the dots, and of course an adaptive attitude and commitment to clients’ success. Outside of the office I’m addicted to my “Three Musketeers”, read as much as I can, and enjoy the occasional voyage.

Adv. Alon Nurieli – Intellectual Property & Commercial Litigation Lawyer

I’m an Israeli intellectual property and commercial litigation lawyer, specializing in patents, copyrights, designs, and trademarks. In this capacity, I provide legal advice and support for some of the most prominent companies in the Israeli market, as well as numerous startups. Complimenting these activities, I also serve as a member of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Israeli Bar Association. In terms of hobbies you could say I’m a "sworn" music lover, a general sports fan, and a former handball player.

Gabriel Schnaider – Web Guru

Over the course of more than 12 years working on all things internet – beginning as a designer then programmer in my early days, and leading up to becoming studio manager and ultimately project manager at large firms – I’ve come to master just about all matters web related.

Nowadays, I mostly focus on projects, campaigns and ongoing maintenance that includes performance optimization, security measures, SEO and UX.

Flexible and accommodating, I can work directly with you, your existing suppliers and in-house personal to customize systems, information, and applications according to your needs.

I’m married (+3), live in Rehovot with the fam, and always enjoy a good basketball game (either on the court or TV).


Gal Shapira – SEO Expert

It’s hard to believe that so many years have gone by, but I actually have more than 17 years of online marketing experience in B2C and B2B industries under my belt.

This includes seven years of SEO–specific experience, optimizing websites for organic performance in the most competitive markets and verticals.

How was this done? With vast experience in Google penalty removal and SEO strategies, plus a unique combination of optimization expertise in areas such as content, UX, conversion, on-page and off-page methodologies.

If you found Peirson Consulting through an online search, that was likely thanks to me! Now let’s think what we can do for you.

As for what I like to do on the side, most of it has to do with soccer (or football if you’re from some parts of the world), spending time with my family, and of course travel.

Moshe Green –Electronic Engineer and System Administrator

One of the more technical players on the Peirson Consulting team, I lend my scientific and engineering skills to small businesses, developing and designing computer networks, control and monitoring systems, and defense systems (including alarms and TMS).

I also work independently in the field of low voltage systems (SOS and TMS alarms), manage information systems (characterization and development of computer systems and customized solutions), and serve as a Project Manager for smart homes.

While other people have hobbies, I don’t have time for spare time; or more accurately, I get bored with spare time, so I make it my business to stay busy!

Jody Kasner – Marketing Writer

My work is the easiest for you to assess, as you can imagine who worked on the text here! So in some ways there’s no need to say more, but since you’re reading…

I’ve been successfully writing in numerous capacities since the third grade when I won a $25 gift certificate in the first (and only) writing contest I entered.

Since then I’ve blogged for an international publication, written endless brochures, websites, case studies and press releases for hi-tech companies, and done lots of editing, polishing and proofreading for all sorts of clients in between.

Creative, concise, and exceptionally punctual, I love the challenges associated with presenting new products and ideas in words.

Born and bred in Toronto, I’m now a near-native Israeli, if such a thing exists.

Since adding children (and a husband) to my life, I have fewer hobbies and less physical fitness than I’d like, but still enjoy reading, running, chocolate, coffee and truthfully, reality TV.